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Our project 

PO «Many Years» with the support of UNODC — United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime implements pilot project «Implementations of integrated services on prevention, treatment and care in relation to HIV for the injecting drug users (IDU) within the narcology system on the basis of Kiev municipal addiction treatment clinical hospital “Sociotherapy”.

Within the framework of the project it has been planned:

1. Implementation of services aimed at decrease of harm produced by the usage of drugs (organization of informational activities and advisory assistance for drug users and their partners, provision of aseptic appliances and informational material) on the basis of Kiev municipal addiction treatment clinical hospital “Sociotherapy”.
2. To assure the delivery of services related to consulting and screening for HIV on the basis of Kiev municipal addiction treatment clinical hospital “Sociotherapy”.
3. To promote gaining access to antiretroviral therapy for IDU including advisory assistance aimed at provision of treatment.
4. To improve quality of services related to substitution maintenance therapy in accordance with the National protocol, WHO Office on pharmacological treatment of opioid addiction with psycological and social support and in accordance with quality standards ТРІТНЕТ UNODC for drug addiction treatment and provision of narcological aid.
5. To assure access to diagnostics, advisory support, treatment of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) on the basis of Kiev municipal addiction treatment clinical hospital “Sociotherapy”.
6. To update methods related to infection control of tuberculosis and application of protocols of tuberculosis detection and to assure preventative therapy.

Project » Joint links» with the support of International charity fund «International HIV/ AIDS Alliance in Ukraine » and International charity fund «Vertical».

Objective of the project: provision of services related to psychological and social rehabilitation and reintegration of clients that terminated the course of substitution maintenance therapy.

Project is aimed at the improvement of quality of life of the persons who are eager to terminate program of substitution maintenance therapy in order to escape successfully substitution maintenance therapy voluntarily and who need appropriate social support, treatment and/or rehabilitation.
Within the framework of the project we offer our clients the following activities:

  • Group psychotherapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Group psychological counseling
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Family psychological counseling
  • Family education
  • Spiritual education
  • Sexual education
  • Awareness sessions on desease and recovery conception
  • HIV / AIDS and contagious diseases 
 preventive care program
  • Art-therapy
  • Body-oriented therapy
  • Personal development trainings
  • Participation in self-help groups

Upon the beginning of rehabilitation program the client is supposed to work under the guidance of psychologist who draws up his individual recovery plan taking into consideration client’s specific features and coordinate his work according to the Program. Clents share their problems and achievements with their personal psychologist, get his feed-back and individual tasks.

With the assistance of All Ukrainian Network of People living with HIV implements the project «Rehabilitation of chemically dependent people living with HIV».

Objective of the project — by means of implementation of integrated measures of detoxication and rehabilitation of 15 PLWH who have problems with usage of psychoactive substances (PAS) to improve their life and social adaptation.

1) To assure admisssion of 15 patients by the assignments of HIV-service NGO of Kiev city and Ukraine within the project implementation period
2) To assure free detoxication on the basis of Kiev municipal addiction treatment clinical hospital “Sociotherapy” for 15 patients within the project implementation period;
3) To assure inpatient rehabilitation course lasting at least four weeks for 15 patients within the project implementation period;
4) To assure adequate nutrition during the inpatient period for 15 patients;
5) To assure support of 15 patients upon the termination of rehabilitation course;
6) To assure rederecting of the patients to the other services in case of termination or non-correspondance of the course to the requirements (needs) of the patient;
7) Assurance of intensive course on formation of encouragement for the patients taking antiretroviral therapy within the rehabilitation course;
8) To assure support for the patients taking tuberculosis services and preventative measures in case of negative findings of sputum analysis for mycobacteria ;
9) To assure the monitoring of remission of the patients upon the termination of the rehabilitation course during the period of one year;
10) To assure the delivery of medical services to the patient if needed.

During the last week of his stay in the centre patient together with consultant or psycologist draws up his plan of following restoration to health that includes working in accordance to 12 steps program, continuation of the program on outpatient basis, following advisory help of psycologists and consultants, participation of relatives/inner circle. Patient obtains psychologist’s recommendations, guidance materials, information as for the functionning of self-help groups at place of residence . Atient is also motivated for regular attendance of NA/PLWH meetings, periodical meetings with the employees of the centre in order to discuss the actual problems and to correct his rehabilitation plan.

Patients taking antiretroviral therapy could be admitted to the centre providing that there are medecines required for the whole period of rehabilitation course. In case of force majeure social worker assures the delivery of the medecines or accompanies the patient to the AIDS centre
The project provides for medical supervision as for the physical health of the patients, treatment order, regular professional medical advice of infectiologist, narcologist, surgeon, general practitioner and other highly specialized doctors.

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