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To help our clients to achieve the complete abstinence of psychoactive substances, alcohol, to cultivate healthy life style free of psychoactive substances, to obtain the required skills of sober life. Improvement of physical, emotional and psychological state of health of our client. Improvement of family and other interpersonal relationships of our client. Improvements in the sphere of work and studies. Improvement of social functioning. Refusal of illegal activities. Informing clients on HIV/AIDS problems. Assistance in clients’ resocialization.


In process of cooperation with our clients we apply:
Individual and group psychological counseling;  «12 steps» 
Program and principles of therapeutic community; 
Social progressive support; 
Emotive and rational practices; 
Relaxation techniques and auto-trainings; 
Systematic family therapy; 
Components of Gestalt-psychotherapy; 
Application of cognitive behavioral therapy.


Substance abuse and excessive gambling are classified as chronic, recidivating, progressing, multimodal, multifactorial deseases.  Per totality of nature of disease appropriate treatment should be focused on physical, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal client needs.


Treatment and rehabilitation facility includes:

  • Medicamental support on the basis of inpatient facility. Depending on severity level of abstinence syndrome the clients have an opportunity to get the required medicamental support aimed to cope with the critical state.
  • Psychological rehabilitation on the basis of inpatient facility. 
Rehabilitation on the basis of inpatient facility assures successful coping with the worst and unstable period of treatment that follows the refusal of chemical substances.Change of scene and possibility to limit the influences of habitual life style and temptations of the dependent environment  facilitates the achievement of the best results in the process of recovery. This stage of rehabilitation foresees full immersion in the program and is aimed at refusal of the addictive behavior, improvement of the emotional state, obtaining of the information in regard to addiction and obtaining of the necessary skills to prevent relapse of disease.
  • Psycho-social rehabilitation on the basis of day inpatient facility. Program on the basis of day inpatient facility 
includes 5 stages lasting 28 days, as the client passes through each stage he gets more spare time (outside the centre) in a way that facilitates  progressive and secure reintegration of addict to the productive life. At this stage of the Program we provide psychological rehabilitation and progressive social adaptation.  As the clients will be transferred to the next part of Program on an outpatient basis they are supposed to learn how to manage their spare time, to establish interpersonal relationships (first of all with their family and relatives), to use the acquired skills of sober life, simultaneously obtaining the required support and help at the centre.
  • Individual maintenance programs for treatment and preventative care. After clients 
assign the previous stages of the program our clients have an opportunity to continue to visit the centre, to participate in certain activities of the centre, to help as volunteers, to share their personal experience of recovery with the clients who start the rehabilitation process, to obtain help aimed at  the secondary prophylaxis of desease.  
Well-planned activities and schedule set at the rehabilitation centre should help our clients to schedule their time in an effective way and to form the required skills of self-descipline.

Rehabilitation program includes the following activities:

  • Group psychotherapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Group psychological counseling
  • Family psychotherapy
  • Family psychological counseling
  • Family education
  • Spiritual education
  • Sexual education
  • Awareness sessions  on desease and recovery  conception
  • HIV / AIDS and contagious diseases 
 preventive care program
  • Art-therapy
  • Body-oriented therapy
  • Personal development trainings
  • Participation in self-help groups

Upon the beginning of rehabilitation program the client is supposed to work under the guidance of psychologist who draws up his individual recovery plan taking into consideration client’s specific features and coordinate his work according to the Program. Clients share their problems and achievements with their personal psychologist, get his feed-back and individual tasks.

We pay closer attention to offering professional help to the family and relatives of our clients. During the rehabilitation course they obtain information about the desease, specific nature of it’s manifestations, guidelines required for establishment of the following constructive relations, take a course of family psychotherapy that gives them a possibility to solve a problem of codependency.

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