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Our opportunities.

In-patient facility garantees full-immersion in the Program and referral to the renounciation of the addictive behaviour, improvement of the emotional state, obtaining information about the addiction, obtaining the required skills necessary for prevention of relapse of disease. 

Our community.

We pay closer attention to offering professional help to the family and relatives of our clients. During the rehabilitation course they obtain information about the desease, specific nature of it’s manifestations, guidelines required for establishment of the following constructive relations, take a course of family psychotherapy that gives them a possibility to solve a problem of codependency. 


Our goal.

Improvement of physical, emotional and psychological state of health of our client.
Improvement of family and other interpersonal relationships of our client.
Improvements in the sphere of work and studies.

Our approach.

Upon the beginning of rehabilitation program the client is supposed to work under the guidance of psychologist who should draw up an individual recovery plan taking into consideration client’s specific features and coordinate his work according to the Program. Clients share their problems and achievements with their personal psychologist, get his feed-back and individual tasks.

Our support.

We believe that it’s not an easy task to resume the normal course. Depending on the severity level of abstinence syndrome our clients have an opportunity to obtain the required medicamental care aimed to neutralize the disturbance of the general sense of well-being.


Our discipline.

Well-planned activities and schedule set at the rehabilitation centre should help our clients to schedule their time in an effective way and to form the required skills of self-discipline.
As the clients will be transferred to the next part of Program on an outpatient basis they are supposed to learn how to manage their spare time, to establish interpersonal relationships (first of all with their family and relatives), to use the acquired skills of sober life, simultaneously obtaining the required support and help at the center.

Our duty.

To help our clients to achieve the complete abstinence of psychoactive substances, alcohol, to cultivate healthy life style free of psychoactive substances, to obtain the required skills of sober life.
Improvement of physical, emotional and psychological state of health of our client

For civilians.

The fact of the matter is that people do not visit our web-site for no particular reason. We are not the part of entertainment business and we don’t promote fashionable trends. We provide treatment. Help is closer than you believe, if you still have any doubts – clear your mind of these doubts and press the button below, give yourself a chance to live normal life.

To get free advice.

 For the military.

Rehabilitation centre “Many Years” provides psychotherapeutic help to people who suffered in ATO zone. For free, in confidence.
Due to the allied association we can provide help not only on an outpatient basis, but also to offer in-patient facility. We owe you our lives!

My relatives and I need help.

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